What is Business VPN ?

Network security is essential — more so than ever before. That’s why a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for business is now less of an optional extra and more of a requirement.

A VPN is a security solution that provides a tunnel between your organization’s resources and the employees accessing them. In essence, only employees connected to the VPN servers can access company resources on the network. Since this tunnel is encrypted end-to-end, businesses need not worry about unwanted access or visibility into their network — ensuring complete protection and anonymity of all traffic.

iff.ge  remote access solution is designed specifically for businesses — allowing you to mitigate risk, facilitate remote work, and protect your company against cyber threats.

business vpn scheme

Key benefits of a business VPN

The uptake of VPNs within enterprises has been increasing recently, and it’s no surprise why. Businesses realize that security doesn’t have to come with considerable investment, nor does it have to be a long, complicated process.

Scalable for all sizes

NordLayer was designed from the ground up to be a scalable solution with adaptability in mind. The security solutions we offer scale with your business, not the other way around. From start-ups with ten people to large enterprises with thousands of employees — we’ve got you covered.

Seamless integration into corporate networks

Nobody wants to spend more time setting up their solutions than actually using them, which is why NordLayer allows for seamless integration into pre-existing company infrastructure. No additional hardware is required — we’re entirely plug-and-play.

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